Gibsons Puzzles – Road To Dunkirk


The Dunkirk evacuation, code-named Operation Dynamo and the Miracle of Dunkirk, was the evacuation of Allied soldiers during World War II from the beaches and harbour of Dunkirk, in the north of France between 26 May and 4 June 1940. This scene shows the 19th of May 1940, a day of hectic aerial fighting as the greatly outnumbered fighters of the R.A.F. battled to keep the Luftwaffe away from the retreating British Army. By the close of the day, courageous Hurricane pilots had claimed close to 100 enemy aircraft. In this puzzle, Nicolas Trudgian’s brilliantly evocative portrayal of war-torn French countryside in early summer 1940, Flying Officer Max Aitken, flying his Hurricane of 601 Squadron, attacks Ju87 Stukas of StG2 as they attempt to strafe and bomb a British Army column retreating from the Panzer spearheads near Arras.

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Completed Puzzle Size(approx): 27″ x 19″ (68 x 49cm) 
Gibsons New Planet Friendly Puzzle Boxes are Kinder To Our Planet
100% Recycled Board
Firmly Interlocking Pieces
Printed Puzzle Image Included
Smaller Box to Reduce Carbon Footprint
Secured with Biodegradable Seals

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